Someone That Once Was

There are things in life that we don’t wish to let go but it’s not entirely in our hands to hold on to them. Sometimes no matter how hard we try to keep some things for ourselves, they are bound to find a way away from us. Its not always a bad thing, it just means that your time with it was till that point only.

Most of the times those things are not objects, they are people that were once a part of your life. These people are the ones that once made your life worth living. Those moments are full of excitement, joy, love, care and what not that you end up cherishing them throughout your lives. Words can’t explain the gratitude of the situation but give u a slight image of what had happened. For the person who had not been there can never know and the one who was there can hardly forget.

Sometimes you don’t even get a chance to say a final goodbye to the ones that hold a great importance in your live. They may leave you for reasons that you may never be able to understand and they may not able to explain. They leave you because they don’t think that your existence is their life is required to them while you die to meet them just for one more time.

For a long while, you just wish that things would get back to the way they once used to be. You try your best, you are your best but there is no coming back from a point once you have moved to the next one. Even if the things go back to normal, they won’t be the same. The effort that you put, that wasn’t required once, goes to waste and things just turn worse. Once again the path is separated and you just can’t help or do anything about it.

For a long while, you keep waiting and hoping that the person would return, but it doesn’t happen. One holds on to the hope that they have in their hearts. You long for the person you were once close to. You do not talk to them or message them thinking that they don’t want you in their lives and wouldn’t even want to hear from you. You wait for someone who doesn’t even know that they have someone waiting for them. They go along the long road they are on, while you keep waiting on them while holding onto hopes and dreams.

There even comes a time when you lose the hopes in your hearts and wish to get back on your feet. Even then, you keep standing in that place because it feels familiar. Somehow when you finally start walking, you take tiny steps. You start slow and grab the speed eventually. You start going so fast that miss out on the opportunities that were still open for you. You stop missing the other person. You do not think of them on a regular basis that you once used to but deep in your heart you just with the happiness for them and you get happy thinking that they are happy in theirs lives too.someone that once was


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