Making All The Wrong Choices

Human is a puppet, who holds the thread to its own doing. They do what they want, when they want or how they want it to and it’s all in their own control. While performing all these actions, the one most common thing humans do is make mistakes.


Mistakes are nothing but consequences of wrong choices. The wrong choices are not realized until the mistakes are made. Mostly, we learn from our mistakes, but sometimes we fail to see that the choices we made are leading to the mistakes so we keep repeating our mistakes again and again.


I made a set of wrong choices a while back, and kept making mistakes, failing to understand that the choice I made was not right in the first place. It just was not about understanding, it was more like that I didn’t want to believe that something that I did was not right. After a while, when I walked down the same road and found myself lost from my actual path. I finally admitted to myself that I was wrong. It wasn’t hard making the mistake but admitting that I was wrong.


I have firstly made the wrong choice of company to keep. Over the years, I have made friends who were not true to me while I blindly trusted them. Keeping the wrong set of friends often led me into trouble. While I was being a true friend to them, they were just making a fool out of me. It happened more than the times that I can remember.  After falling and hurting myself of the same road for a long time, I finally learnt that I made a wrong choice.


Secondly, I have made the mistake of falling in love. I fell for the wrong person at, all the more, wrong time. I fell in love for my best friend. It sounds good to hear but it was a wrong choice because she didn’t love me back the way I love her. With her, the memories are countless and they will probably remain the same forever. The wrong choice here was to fall in love with ‘her’. It was nothing to do with her but me. We had something great together – Friendship, I got greedy that I wanted something more than friendship. In my defense, she is a great person and who ever knows her like I once did, they would do the same. This wrong choice led me to making a ton of mistakes, which even ended up the friendship between us. It’s hard to forget her, but I’m coping with it.


Another wrong choice I made was distancing from my family. There is a great saying, ‘Even when you have nothing with you, you will still have your family’. I have a great family. Two elder siblings, happily married parents, a caring grandfather and a whole bunch of cousins and relatives. Despite all of them, I ran after friends who hardly cared about me. It never really occurred to me that how great a family I have until I lost one great member of it. My grandmother, whom I loved dearly, passed away some time back. She was sick since a long time; we all knew that she didn’t have much time left. When she passed away, it was hard time for all of us and during those hard times, all we had for each other was family. There were no friends around lending you their shoulders to cry on or holding you at the time you shattered. They did call or visit to pay their respects but in time of needs, there was only family. I still regret that I couldn’t spend enough time with her and most of all; I regret that I wasn’t by her side during her last moments.


I can’t undo my mistakes for what has happened, has happened but I can change my choices and make them better so that I don’t repeat my mistakes or make any new ones. I know I will make mistake furthermore but I can’t help much, I am a human after all.Image


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