The Kiss On A Winter Evening

They were young and innocent, unaware of the world apart from their own. They were yet to explore the most part of their own world. For then, they were each other’s companions and comfort. They felt the ease together that couldn’t have been felt anywhere else.

They had had their share of first kiss with each other. It wasn’t so perfect. He was nervous because he didn’t know what to do and she being the girl was too hesitant and shy. They both wanted to kiss each other, wanted to feel the touch of their lips together. It was the kiss that meant their relation is on another level. The kiss had not been the way they expected it to be. They were scared that what if it goes wrong and things fall back than moving forward together. It was not one of the good kisses but it wasn’t even a deal breaker. They both knew about it so they just kissed for a while and sat back cuddling and not even talking about the kiss.

A few days later, they decided to meet again. It was a cool, breezy day. It was past autumn but not yet cold winter so the weather was nice and romantic. They decided to meet near her house when it was dark but neither too late for her to step out of her house. He came to meet her on his bike, wearing a black jacket and a black helmet. She saw him arrive and told him to meet near the big banyan tree so it wasn’t visible from her house. She came there wearing a grey colored woolen jacket and as usual her favorite ‘All Star’ Converse. She looked pretty while he looked a bit messy because of his hair, after removing the helmet.

They stood behind the banyan tree for a while and talked. She asked him why he wanted to meet her. He loved her, he just wanted any chance he could get to meet her and if she asked why he wanted to meet her, he would make up an answer and tell her. Even she knew that he did that but she liked it. This time when she asked this question, he said that he couldn’t stop thinking about kissing her. She blushed on hearing it and said nothing. He thought what he said might have offended her so he said sorry. She giggled and kissed him on the cheek and said that there is nothing to be sorry about. After this, he pushed his luck a little further saying that he didn’t mean the kiss on the cheek. She said it was risky kissing there as it was her neighbourhood and what if someone saw them. He insisted her once again to kiss him but she said no very firmly. He said okay and made his ‘puppy dog’ face. She saw and got close to him and softly held his jacket and he put his hands around her waist.

She moved back towards the tree and pulled him with her by holding his jacket. They moved towards the tree in the same position, while holding each other. She moved one of her hands behind his neck and held a flock of his hair and moved his head. She lifted her head and made her lips touch his. He could taste the flavour of her lip-gloss that she was wearing – strawberry, making it all the more better. This time, there was no hesitation or nervousness, but sheer intimacy. He could feel her tongue touch his and the movement of her lips against his. The taste of her lip-gloss wore out and now he could taste her, delicious as water to a thirsty person in the desert. He moved his hand from her waist to her head and pinned her to the tree. She moved her hand through his hair while she kissed him. Both of their eyes were closed but they could see the movement of their head against each other. That moment under the tree was magical. They were alone there, nobody to interrupt them, with the romantic weather setting the mood. Everything around them was perfect. They wished to stay in that moment forever but time waits for nobody. She broke the kiss realising she will be in trouble if she gets back home late, while he was lost in her.

It was hard for the both of them to let go but it was time to leave. She kissed him goodbye and went towards her house. He stood there watching her go. She mesmerised him. When he left, he saw her standing in her balcony and from there she waved him bye. They again met a lot of times and kissed after that but no kiss was as good as the kiss on a winter evening

.kiss on a winter evening


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