All He Ever Wanted

He walked on the road for almost 5 miles and cried his eyes out all the way. It was his birthday, a day when everyone is supposed to be happy, cheerful and excited. Instead he walked alone on the streets, crying. He didn’t talk to anybody or pick any calls; he walked down the road with tears rolling down his eyes.

He was returning from his surprise birthday party. It was more like a small lunch for his birthday, with few of his friends around. He was glad that his friends did that for him. He seemed to enjoy that little set up and seemed happy. As soon as the party was over, he was miserable and sad. His friends offer to drop him back home but he lied saying his brother was on his way to pick him up. All he wanted was to be alone for a while. He wanted to spend sometime to think, to calm the storms that were rising inside of him.

Earlier that day he was excited about his birthday too. All he wanted to do was spend the day with just one person around. It didn’t matter to him if others were there or not but all he wished for was her. She promised him saying that she wouldn’t miss it for the world and she’d be with him as long as she can, but she went away without saying a thing. She met him in school and wished him, but that was it. She broke her promise. He did not ask for anything else from her, but just her time, so he could enjoy this day by being with her.

They were best friends. Or that’s what they called each other. He always had a soft corner for her, while she only thought of him as her friend. He would have done anything just to be with her. She asked him what he wanted for his birthday and he asked her for her time; to be there with him after the the school till the evening. She agreed to it and, for a while, that made his day. After hearing that, he was happy just by the thought of being with her. He had planned it all: they would go for lunch, right after school and then go for a movie together.

That day, when she had not been there with him, he was shattered but keptit all together until he was alone. When everyone had left, he tried keeping calm and not letting it show on his face but he couldn’t hold it any longer. He cried like a kid and walked alone. He didn’t cry because she didn’t show up. He cried because she didn’t even care how much it meant to him. She had no clue about how horrible his day had become in her absence. She thought that she was just another friend for him, whose absence won’t be noticed, but she didn’t know that she was all he ever wanted.

walking alone on the road


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