Unconditional Love

What does it feel like when a knife is stabbing you but you cant even show a spec of pain on your face? When a blade pierces through your skin but you have to keep smiling. It’s the worst feeling ever. Similar is the feeling when you see the one you love in the arms of someone else but all you can do is be okay with it. No matter how much pain you go through, you can’t do anything about it, so you might as well act as if everything is okay.

Missing someone who probably doesn’t even remember you. Caring about someone who doesn’t care if you are dead or alive. Its hard to look at your phone after a long time and finding no messages or missed calls, for which once used to be filled with messages or at least two missed calls even if you don’t check your phone for fifteen minutes. Remembering the times when you two used to talk from night till it turned dawn.  Now you spend the nights staying up, wondering what if it had worked out just fine.

You are constantly reminded of that person in whatever things you do. Some movie that you watched together, that person’s favorite food item or simply the tone of your mobile phone making you miss the presence of the person around you. Music is one thing in the world that takes you deep in thoughts, reminding you of them. One often relates their lives to sad songs when they are heartbroken. Even with the broken heart, every piece of it beats for that person only. While happy and cheerful love songs remind you of the moments you spent together, bringing back tons of memories to you in a flash.

Sometimes one cannot get enough of a person, no matter how much you get of them. It just is not enough. Love is not about showing your affection only till the time you are together but not letting any obstructions affect your love for them, especially distance or separation. Most of all, one doesn’t stop loving someone even when the other person stops loving you.


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