What Writing Is To Me…

For an average being, food, air, water and pleasure are required to sustain a good life. If one is not able to get any of them, then they start craving for it. For me, writing my thoughts down is similar to eating food for a normal person. It feels like I have been starving for a long time and I have finally received a bite of the most delicious cake.

Writing for me is not just a hobby or a passion. It’s more than that. It is an addiction, addiction to keep writing, and getting lost in the world of my own. For me, it’s also like talking to my god and the difference between writing and believing in an non existent being, called “God”, is that people look for answers in the air and can hardly find it but as for my god, the answers are right in front of me, penned down on a page and talking back to me. I do not say what people do is wrong. I simply say that what they do is not my way. I do not preach to my god everyday, but when I do, I do it wholeheartedly. It brings peace to my mind and makes me happy. The best thing about writing is that there are no rules restricting one on their eat preferences or promotion of immoral views of society. There is no judgment of one’s character in the views of writing. It is mere reflection of one’s own self.

Writing is also like a priest. You confess your sins to it and no matter what you did, you are not judged upon that. It relieves the guilt from your mind and you are your own judge, for you know whether you deserve the forgiveness for your sins or not. While your words guide you to your decision.

Writing is not only preaching or confessing your guilt. It is also your friend, who is there by your side during your happy moments as well in your sad times. It is that friend who listens to you while others don’t have time for you, who calms you when you are angry like a tornado, who lightens your head from all the troubles in your day. Writing has a lot more aspects to it that it is had to explain, yet be experienced everyone.

Words have a lot of power in them; they hold the power that no weapon in the world can have. As the saying goes, ‘A pen is mightier than a sword’, it simply states that a piece of paper with a set of words written on it can hold the power of using the weapons or not.

I personally feel that no matter what, everyone should write what they feel like, regardless of the fact of it being good or bad. For it is not something to judge someone, rather understand him or her. Every written word has a story in itself and without stories, life would be boring.


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