Friends are the people in your life who you chose to share a part of your life, regardless big or small, and gave them a role in your life story. Friendship is a bond created with another human being regardless of being related to one another by birth. It is a mutual understanding of two or more being that made them get close and share this bond.

All of us are born in a family that we are related to by birth. We have to be with our family, even if we don’t like them very much. Friends are our second family that we chose because they are the ones whom we like to be with. Friends are made regardless of any boundaries. Age, sex, caste, religion, distance, color of your skin or even language does not matter between friends. When its friendship, its just the understanding of the people for each other.

We cannot always stay connected with all of our friends at all time. After a certain point, we lack communication and the distance between each other starts to grow. Despite the lack of communication and the increase in distance between each other, the friendship doesn’t grow weak. The people continue to care for each other and no matter how far they are from each other, when one hears the other is in trouble, they try every possible way in which they can to help and comfort their friend.

It is purely human psychology that one cannot exist without co-existing with other people. Humans need someone they can commute with and share important moments in their lives. Friends are the best things in one’s life, with whom they care enjoy and share their lives. Someone’s success is of no use when they don’t have someone to share it with, while someone’s failure is also their victory when they have their friends to hold them by.

We often get in trouble while hanging out with friends, but due to these troubles and pranks, we end up learning great lessons of life that no book can teach us. Friends are those precious gems that once we lose them, it’s hard to get them back or fill their place with someone else.

We often forget our old friends and make new ones without realizing that what we are today, it is somewhat because of those friends that made us the way we end up being. Old or new, friends will be friends and they will continue to be a part of us, refining the type of person that we become. One should never forget their friends, for they are also our extended family.


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