Lost Childhood

Childhood was a time when we cared more about going out in the open and playing till we were tired. With only one last drop of energy left in us to fall in beds but still not wanting to sleep. We were so innocent and shy that we were literally scared to even sit next to someone of the opposite sex. Talking about being scared, there was nothing scarier than seeing the angry look in your father’s eyes.

Long gone are the times when all that used to happen. Kids these days don’t even know how to have fun. They are a bunch of monkeys who prefer to sit at home behind some technical gadget and spend their whole day like that, instead of spending some time outside, enjoying the nature for a while. Kids these days grow way faster than their previous generations. Talking from a personal experience, my 6-year-old cousin wants to buy a personal smartphone for his 7th birthday, just so that he can play a bunch of games on it. He would prefer the smartphone, rather than going outside and playing in park like normal kids used to do. Over the years, I have noticed that the swings in the parks are getting less crowded, while the population is growing by the minute. The kids neither have fear in their minds regarding anything. They think they can do away with anything and not be answerable to anyone. A first grade student talking about having a girlfriend and breaking up because things didn’t work out, is a hard to imagine for who was born a few years before them. While those kids were scared out of their wits to even borrow a pencil from a girl.

I would be a hypocrite to say that I have never done any of it. I have done my share of those things, but there is a limit to it. Children these days have forgotten the limits and destroyed their childhood behind cellphones and what not. One often is eager to grow up as soon as they could, but as soon as they realize that they have grown, they wish to be kids again.

Childhood is a time to be excited about, doing stupid things, playing till the body gives out, eating till the tummy hurts and caring more about a swing than anything in the world.


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