Reading Between The Lines

When you hang around with someone for a while, you get to know what kind of a person he or she is. You know exactly how they would react in a given situation or at least know a set of possible ways of their reaction then. It is basic human nature of a person; they see, they notice, they observe and finally they interpret. Everyone takes his or her individual time in going through each step of the process. While some take weeks and months or even years to understand someone, some just need a few moments with them.

I have met a lot of people in my lifetime till now. I tend to meet someone new every week. All this time I spend meeting someone; I understand the kind of person they are, making me have a better interpretation of people I meet further in life. I don’t judge how the person is before hand, I interact with then and further relate their personalities, and within a few minutes I understand the mentality and manners of a person.

Sometimes, no matter how well you think you know someone, does some things that surprise you in a way that you can never expect. While sometimes you know how the person would behave or act in the given situation, yet you try to overlook that because you don’t wish that it were true.

I have known someone for a long time and I was well aware that the person was lying to me, yet I wanted to believe what that person said was true and remain in ignorance. I preferred staying in the ignorance of the lie because it easy and comforting while a little voice in my head kept telling me otherwise. My interpretations were blocked out by the comforts of the lie that I was told. Until the last moment till the truth was out, I believed the lie as the truth. When the truth was finally in the open, a voice inside head kept taunting me saying,“ You were right silly. At least don’t let your emotions drive your judgment skills.”

One can’t let emotions let their guards entirely down. For what you once thought was once familiar, can turn out to be completely different than you know of. You got to read between the lines, to fully understand the person next to you or else without even you getting to know, anyone can fool you.


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