The Perfect Storm

She sat in her room, looking out through her window. It was raining outside and inside her heart. She was smiling but her eyes were teary. She sat there admiring the nature and going through various memories of the past. Remembering the dance she did in the rain, the games she played with the pouring water and the embrace of the rainbow in the sky, over her head. She wished to go out in the open and enjoy like she used to, but she ends up with tears in her eyes.

Roughly a year back, she was the cheerful girl who would have gone outside, just after one look, knowing that it’s going to rain. She was more of a doer than a thinker. She roughly gave a second thought to anything especially if it were to help others. She didn’t judge people; to her everyone was one and the same.  Just like any other teenager, she too had crushes and dreams but she put the needs of others before her own desires.

She was fair and beautiful girl of seventeen with a thin and flexible body. She was the only daughter of her parents. She had learned to dance and had her heart at writing. She was of 5’4”, which was a little bit short in front of other girls of her class, so she got annoyed with it but within a few minutes, she would forget about it and be as cheerful as ever. She loved living life in whatever way she could. She was proud of herself but didn’t have any ego about it. She was an average student academically but that didn’t matter to her family. To them it was a delight seeing her this way.

Many may say that she seems a bit too idealistic to be real, but many like her still existed. She existed. Until one night, she met with an inhuman experience that changed her. Changed her views, her ideals and most of all, the way she saw herself.

The day was very much similar to the one where she sat beside her window. It was raining outside and she was dancing in the rain. Her parents didn’t mind it, for them it was usual to see their daughter enjoy the pouring drops. It was getting dark, so most of the people were inside. While she danced, she saw a man having trouble loading a few bunch of iron rods in the back of his truck. She saw that and reached him to help her. The man delighted that he got help in preventing his rods from getting rusted.

When almost all the rods were loaded, the man’s desperation took over him. Seeing a young girl that beautiful and nobody around who was looking, he grabber her from behind. He took her off guard. She tried to scream but he covered her mouth with his hand. To escape his grip, she tried to kick him but it was useless, instead he grabbed one of the rods and fractured her leg in a single hit. He grabbed a piece of cloth from his truck and shoved it in her mouth. He threw her in the back of his truck and brutally raped her over the pile of rods. She tried to scream but the cloth prevented her voice to go out. She struggled but it was useless. The more she struggled, the angrier he got but she kept struggling till she was conscious. He threw her out of his truck by an alley after he was done with her. Soon when she hadn’t arrived home, her parents got worried and went out to find her. Seeing her in that condition, her mother cried her eyes out while she was rushed to the hospital. The doctors told her parents that she was a victim of rape and had got various injuries due to her struggle.

She gained consciousness after 2 days. Her parents asked her what exactly had happened but silence filled the air. She didn’t speak at all for almost two weeks. Her parents tried their best to help her but she was severely hurt. The rapist was soon arrested and was held under trial. Her injuries recovered in about 3 months, yet she didn’t leave the house. With the help of some therapy, she was able to go back to school but to her nothing seemed the same.

It had been almost a year since that incident. He wounds had been recovered but her mind was scarred like it was just fresh. Sitting by the window and noticing the rain made her miss what she used to be but deep in her heart she cried and screamed like she did in the back of the truck.


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