The Hidden Face

She sat in the metro, crying, from the point when she entered it to the point she left and beyond. Not knowing what to do, for nothing in the world made sense to her. Not having anyone to talk to, for who she trusted the most, started to show the real person hiding behind a mask. People saw her cry but it didn’t matter somehow, for the one she fell in love with hurt her.

In the starting of any relationship, it feels really different and special because both the persons are trying to impress each other so as to make it work. While doing so they hide a few odd things about themselves which might look or sound not appropriate. Some even bite their tongues so as the other person doesn’t feel hurt. In a nutshell, they wear a mask, pretending to be someone other than himself or herself.

She had a similar kind of relationship. It started off pretty amazing. The guy was a perfect gentleman and she was a lady. As a month passed by, they tend to slowly remove the mask they wore. Luckily for them, it turned out to be better for their relationship. They met more frequently, opened up about each other and came closer. Soon enough, the physical element of a relationship kicked in and they kissed. Over the time, their relationship became more and more physical. After about five months of their relationship, they both agreed to move on to the big step- sex. She was nervous for it was her first time. He told her that it was fine with him if she wasn’t ready and comforted her. Seeing him caring for her, she decided to do it. Once they were past the nervousness, things became easier for both of them and with course of time, they had sex frequently.

After a while, things got a little complicated. Lifetime decisions came knocking on their door. She couldn’t decide where to go whereas all his decisions were preplanned. He was going to a college in Delhi and he had also picked out a flat where he was going to stay, with a servant appointed by his family, staying with him. She finally decided to go to Noida, which was an hour and half away from his place. She lived in a shared apartment with other girls from her college. She would spend the weekends with him during the day and he would drop her at her apartment at nights. Sometimes she would stay the nights over at his place and have sex when the servant was gone. They had a few fights now and then but they came through and things went smoothly for another four months.

At the end of her semester, she had taken an internship in Delhi, which was required as per the college. The internship somehow came to be in the same area where he lived. The servant had also gone on a vacation for a month so he asked her to stay with him for that one month. She though about saying no but before she could, he told her that she was almost there every morning; she might as well spend the night. She agreed and with in the next two days, she had moved in with a small part of her stuff, which would be good for the month.

For the first four days, they had sex each night. They felt so free and comfortable with each other. On the fifth evening, they had a small quarrel over dirty dishes, which exceeded to become a fight. Somehow the fight got solved, when he fought with her childhood best friend the next day. He asked her to choose between the two and she was in a fix. He asked her to either leave him forever or break every contact with her childhood best friend. She chose him and he made her delete her contact from her phone. She loved him and did as he told. After a few days again they fought, this time over small things. To stop the fights, they used sex as a tool, soon enough that became useless.

It was their anniversary the next day and only three days were left for her internship. She took the leave for the next day and decided to cook dinner for him with all his favorite dishes. She wasn’t a great cook but she tried her best. On their anniversary, he left early as he had some work. She spends the entire day getting all the ingredients and cooking them for their anniversary dinner. She made a few mistake but the food turned out to be edible enough to eat. She put all her efforts so they could enjoy their anniversary rather than fight one more day. He comes back with an upset mood that he doesn’t even wish her for the anniversary. She ignores that and tries to cheer him up. She serves him the dishes and all he does is criticize her cooking and starts getting angry for no specific reason. He leaves the table without eating much of the food saying that even dogs wouldn’t eat such crap.

She starts crying slowly seeing all her efforts go to waste. He ignores her crying saying that he can’t help her if she doesn’t know how to cook. Even she leaves her food midway and goes to the bedroom. She cries facing the pillow for a while and then slowly calms herself. As she stops crying, he comes from behind and persuades her for sex. She declines the request saying she’s not feeling well. He tries to persuade her few more times but she says no. He finally gets furious and starts to abuse her. She gets up and starts to pack her stuff. He asks her where she was going then. She said anywhere but there. He tries to block her way but she pushed him aside. As soon as she pushed him, he grabbed her arm and twisted it. He threw her on the bed and slapped her leg. She screamed in pain and tears came out uncontrollably. She warned him to let her go or else she would call the cops. He let her go but kept on abusing her. She called her cousin who lived nearby so she could spend the night. As soon as she heard her cry, she asked her to reach her place directly. With whatever stuff she gathered, she caught the earliest metro she could find. She sat in the metro, crying the whole way, while people passed her and watched her cry.


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