The Journey There After…

Life is a constant journey. You keep moving from one situation to the other. Sometimes you find yourself in familiar old situations. It is like revisiting some place that we have already been to. However, while on the journey of life, we come across a road where the path splits and we have to choose one of the givens roads ahead. That diversion in life leads us to where we will be and what further paths we will choose.

Exactly 5 years from today, on 29th January 2009, I was presented to choose one way of the two to further lead in life, with the mere answer of ‘yes’ or ‘no’. The question was mine, however, the answer was not for me to choose. It was someone who made an impact in my life since that day forward and made my journey a lot more interesting. The journey did not go the way I had hoped, but only better. It was since that day forward that my life learnt its actual meaning and the reason to get up everyday. The journey since then wasn’t all jolly and fun. It was a mixture of contrasting memories and situations that actually taught me to be something on my own. The company of the person taught me that I got someone looking after my back and in the absence I learnt of my independence. The care of a person taught me that I was loved and through their hatred I learnt of my mistakes. Their compassion taught me to live life by my own will while their sadness showed me a way of returning something back. Our friendship made me learn to trust someone else while our fights taught me the importance of someone else in my life. There were times that things were pretty bad that there was no silver lining to save the day, but those times were balanced by the days where nothing could ruin it, come what may. Looking back, I couldn’t have thought of myself as I am today. It is since that day, my life took the turn and made me experience life as it is meant to be experienced.

It is not a cry for help, rather a shout-out to the one ever since for making my life the way it is. I have no regret of not knowing about the road not taken, for my life wouldn’t have turned out better than it is now. I thank you for choosing this road for me on that day and making me go on the journey there after…


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