Reading The Fault In Our Stars

When we start reading a novel, we just don’t remain a mere reader, we become the character of story. We can fell the connection with other characters through mere print in black and white. It is not our lives stop once the story ends but till the time we are reading the novel, the story becomes a part of our lives.
I had heard about the novel ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ by ‘John Green’ since a while. More than the novel, I had heard about Augustus Waters so widely, so I got myself a copy of the novel. I started reading the book 3 nights back and today I sit here gawking and reading the last 5 words, “I do, Augustus. I do.”again and again. I was filled with a variety of emotions and reactions throughout the entire book but coming towards the end, I sit blank. I thought I might have a few unanswered questions by the end but I feel John Green made a point of not leaving the novel like ‘An Imperial Affliction’ (about which Hazel and Augustus feel a bit betrayed seeing there is not a complete ending to the story). The one major thing emphasised in the whole story was that mostly cancer victims want to be treated the same as a normal person with a non-cancerous body and as a normal person, we just understand it but don’t really know how it feels. For me, this novel was just the right amount of everything that is required as per the recipe of cooking up a best seller- drama, love, travel, happiness, sadness, misery, plot twists and much more. My words seem less in explaining the sinking feeling that I’m left with now that the story comes to an end
I have merely covered a part of novel like a handful of water from the sea. The ones who have read this novel know what I mean and the ones who haven’t yet got the time to read it are just missing a beautifully crafted story. This novel, like any other, became a part of my life but as the story ends, it does cease to be a part of my life.



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    1. Hey! Thanks for taking out your precious time and giving my blog a read! I too checked your blog and read the article on “The Fault In Our Stars” and it is written so expressively and I can literally see the excitement! 🙂
      I would love it if you could spare some more time and check out my other articles too 🙂 And you’re amazing yourself! 😀

  1. I have this book for a week now… and after reading this I am too scared to begin reading it… too scared that I will love it! The time is just not right to get emotionally attached to anyone 😛

    1. I understand how you may feel about it! I assure you that by the time you will finish the book, you will also learn how to deal with the loss of someone or something you love! Happy reading my friend! 😀

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