Making The Moments Count

Life is a mere existence of an individual from the time they take birth till the time die. Mostly it is measured in the unit of time, i.e. in years. The number of years a person lives defines the age of that person.

However, the age of the person, in my point of view, doesn’t determine the life of a person. One’s life should be measured in the number of moments they lived to the fullest and by the number of people they brought joy to.

I say it but personally am not sure if I have brought joy to many people or even a single person at all. The reason for thinking so is because the people you hurt after you have made their life joyous, once or more cease to count in the list of life. I may have brought happiness and joy to a lot of people back in day, but by the end of those days, I push them away, mostly in a hurtful manner. We often wish things in life to be in our own way but everything we wish for doesn’t always come true. I don’t get things my way either so I push them away. It’s like trying to create the moments to make them count but by pushing the things away, my moments cease to count.

There is a thing about happiness, once you give it to others; it comes to you by itself. It is this happiness that count as moments in our lives. A person may live for 80-90 years but their life is not quite fulfilled if it’s not filled with such moments. However, you may live for only 30-40 years but you have lived a lifetime if you have made these moments count.


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