Taking Out The Time

In our daily lives, we have something or the other to do. If we don’t have something to do, then we try to get ourselves busy by watching TV, surfing the Internet and what not. We are hardly keeping ourselves free.

Most of the people in the world work as hard as they possibly can to reach a better place in life. Each and everyday we have something new to learn, no matter how small, that may teach us or helps us in our lives. These things may help us earn better, be more skilled, have an impact on others or simply become a better person.

Who is responsible for doing all this? Who do we give the credit for such achievements? It’s the people we are surrounded with, who are responsible and without even realizing, we may not even thank them for what they do or mean to us. It’s our family, friends, teachers or even strangers who are responsible for the impact they make in our lives that improve us. It’s the support and love of our friends and parents that make us more confident in life. The wisdom of the teachers and parents that help us grow intellectually and as a person. The help of a stranger that makes us trust others and make the world seem a safer place.

We hardly take the time to thank them for their constant help in our upbringing as a person. However, it’s not only the good things in life that teach us. I don’t ask you to love everyone limitlessly because if you love someone too much, you will end up hurting yourself and more than that, others will misuse the love you have for them. The best lessons learnt in life are the ones learnt by negative experiences because they are the ones that make an impact on us. The ones, who didn’t come out to help you at the time of need, helped you become a stronger and a more independent person. The people, who backstabbed you, opened your eyes for whom to trust and whom not to trust. The people, who thought of you as a loser, became a motivation in your life to show them that you were more than what they thought of you.

All these people improve something or the other in our lives or simply improve us as a person. Most of us, don’t even give them the credit for doing so. Some give out the credit for these things to god, but its their way of thanking them. However, I say that in our busy lives, we take out a few minutes of our day to remember these people and thank them in our minds for they are the reason for making us the person we are today.


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