A Walk Down The Street

A wide-open street with street lamps on both sides was empty. A perfectly calm street and a boy briskly walking down the path. It was a bit chilly. He needed some air to calm his thoughts but it wasn’t working quite well. After walking up and down the street for a while, he walks into the park next to the road and seats himself on one of the benches.

He felt alone amongst others, he didn’t fit quite well. He would interact with others and yet be absent. He may feel lonely with others but when he was alone, he carried his world with him. He had friends and family yet he felt like he had no one for him. He had a house yet he felt like he didn’t belong there. It was very often for him to simply walk out of the house in the middle of the night and walk up and down the street. He could hardly sleep. Even when he did, he would wake up in the middle of the night and simply wait for him to fall asleep again. He would quietly go out of the house for an hour or so and come back before anyone would wake up.

Few years back, it was not the same. He used to be the life of the party. He had so many friends and was always keen on making more. He was also the joy of the house, cracking jokes and making everyone love him even more.

Around three years back, he met a girl through common friends. She was pretty and her name, Amaira, was like meant for her beautiful face. They didn’t really talk much at their first meeting but gradually, they came closer as friends and within 2-3 months, they were almost inseparable. He slowly drifted away from most of his friends and had a separate world with Amaira. Their families also liked them being with each other. They would spend the whole night watching chick flicks, during which Amaira would catch him crying and make fun of him with him mother the next morning. Their friendship was so close that him mother would sometimes say that they both should date, for he was not going to find any other girl who was so compatible with him.

When two people are so close as they both were, things just don’t stop at friendship. It was after 8 months that they had first met, Amaira confessed to him that she was attracted to him for a while but was scared that if it didn’t work out, their friendship would also be at stake. He felt the same but it was Amaira who said it. So he decided to call Amaira and her family over for dinner and made both the families sit down together. He had prepared a speech for them and had been rehearsing it for the past two days. He began to say that he and Amaira had both been friends and started to have feelings for each other and he wanted to date her with the permission and satisfaction of all the people seated in front of him. He also said that if it didn’t work out, he would not let their friendship be jeopardized and never let things be awkward between either of them. Amaira had no clue about it and at the starting she was struck with amaze but by the end of the speech was turning red. She blushed like a 10-year-old girl. Both the families were impressed by his bravery and frankness. They all agreed to his proposal and later had a laugh about it over dinner.

Amaira was filled with joy by the way he asked her out. If she had any doubts about it earlier, she got rid of them all, watching him put his efforts like that. They both were even happier this way. They both fell in love like the way you fall asleep, slowly and then all at once. He found his constant in life and she found her pillar of perfection. During their movie nights, they would watch the movie for a while and then Amaira would ask him to go for a walk on the street. They would sneak out without waking anyone up and simply walk for a while in the silent aura of the night. After walking, they would sit on the bench in the park and she would rest her head on his shoulder or sometimes lie on lap. She would watch the starry sky and he would gaze her shiny eyes.

When you are in love, you want more of it. You tend to lose a touch of reality and rationality. They felt the same. They didn’t even think about the negative thoughts of losing each other. They just kept on the thoughts of loving each other. Little did they know for what was about to hit them and bring them back to reality. Amaira’s family had planed on a summer trip. They had left earlier and Amaira had to join them after two days due to some work. He dropped her off at the airport and asked her to call him as soon as she reached. He kissed her before she entered the airport and left for home. He waited for her call restlessly but felt stupid when he thought of what he was doing, so he took off for the gym. Her flight was delayed so she was late on giving him a call. She called him but he was in the gym so he missed her call. When he didn’t answer her call, she left him a voice note.

When he checked his phone, he skipped the voice note and called Amaira. Her phone was not reachable. He tried calling her again but it still was getting through. He opened the voice note where she said that she had reached even though the flight was long and tiring. She also said that she’d be in touch through out and she loved him. After listening to the note he calmed down and went for a quick nap. He woke up by his ringing phone. It was Amaira’s mom calling him. He answered the call hoping it was Amaira, instead he heard her mom’s voice, sobbing and hissing. He asked her if everything was okay and tried to calm her down. She finally told him that Amaira was in a car accident and as soon as she completed her sentence, she burst out into tears. His world had stopped there and then. He couldn’t move or say anything. Everything around him felt like it was shattering down into pieces and his phone fell from his hand on the ground. His mom heard him drop his phone and came in the room. She saw his face and asked him what was wrong. He couldn’t respond. She picked up his phone and heard Amaira’s mother cry. She asked her if Amaira was okay and she found out from her crying voice what had happened. His mom hugged him and started crying. He was unaware of when he had started crying and all of a sudden, he screamed her name, AMAIRAAA.

For the first two months after Amaira had passed away, he stayed mostly at home. People would come visit him and Amaira’s family to pay their condolences for Amaira’s death. Each person that showed up for Amaira helped her family and him feel better. He would visit Amaira’s parent everyday and come back home by night. Sometimes he would stay at her place just so that he could feel her presence around him.

His mother couldn’t see him the way he was becoming so she would make him meet his old friends. Slowly he could handle himself better so it was relieving for his mother. He too knew that he could not live in Amaira’s grief but he also knew that he could never forget her. He tried to behave normally with everyone, yet he was lonely and his world laid in those midnight walks on the street where he could bring Amaira back to life.


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