Depression: The Invisible Wound

We often sympathize with others when we see them hurt. We may not verbally express it but on seeing the smallest of physical wounds, we feel bad for them. We empathize with the pain that person must be going through. We only relate to injuries that are visible to us but there are so many people who are fighting an invisible battle, wearing smiles for an armor and bear invisible wounds.

Depression is not simply a state of bad mood. It is a poison that slowly kills you from inside. It starts out as a bad mood making the person gloomy and agitated. Small insignificant issues, which may seem like the world falling apart for that person, can trigger the sadness and all rationality goes for a six in that moment. The sadness then turns into misery overtime and crushes the confidence bit by bit, replacing it with self-doubt. You may fight back by escaping the reality, acting ignorant or wear layers of other emotions. Some try to escape reality by engaging into other activities or simply running away from the place they are in. Some keep on doing what they normally do, acting like everything is fine. People even wear emotions like masks; on the surface, they may seem happy, excited, nervous or even angry. However, this lasts only for certain moments and depression catches up to speed, where the people on the inside they are hanging on a string that is on the verge of breaking.

Depression is not a result of petty or even big problems that occur once or twice. Depression is rooted deep inside. It is like a parasite that grows inside us, making us weaker and miserable. It grows with you, hiding inside, slowly attacking you and when it is strong enough, it shows up all of a sudden, making you feel like the entire world is losing its colors and you are disappearing with them. It makes people numb and anxious at the same time. To express the pain they feel inside, some people inflict wounds outside. The wounds on the skin don’t hurt them at all compared to the wounds on their mind.

People suffering from depression start secluding themselves from others. They prefer to remain alone because they think they are not needed and by staying away, they will not become a burden on someone else. They may push everyone away but giving them company is the only think that they may need. The sense of being needed can bring them sheer happiness. These people know the real value of happiness for they have seen the depths of sadness. They are afraid to show when they are happy because the world will not value it like they do. When they do express it, it may be unique but it would be the most genuine thing one could witness.


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